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As your local and independent opticians, we aim to bring you the best advanced eye care and examinations. We will always go further than checking your prescription, looking comprehensively at your eyes to ensure they are in good health. All eye tests are carried out by qualified practitioners using the latest technology so all of our patients can rest assured that any problems with their eyes will be diagnosed and taken care of.


All eye examinations are free for everyone in Scotland so get in touch today and give your eyes the attention they deserve.

eye exam at purcells opticians


Our expertise is in the delivery of the most comprehensive and personal eye care available to you as an individual. When you book an eye test with us, you can expect a service that is different to many other providers and one that will provide a reassuringly accurate assessment of your vision.

So What Makes Us Different?

Longer appointments

You won’t be rushed in and back out of our test room within 20 minutes and you won’t have anyone other than one of our Optometrist test any element of your vision.


Be cared for by the same Optician time and again! At Purcells we believe an important part of our eye examination is to get to know you, your eyes and your lifestyle. This is impossible if you see a different Optician every time you attend and so we ensure that our team are invested in our culture, that you are respected and valued, meaning that you can expect to see that same Optician on every visit.

Relax, unwind and feel at home

Our practice is designed to ensure a welcoming and friendly environment but not only this, you’re made to feel at home and where you can escape the busyness of day-to-day life.

It is about your overall eye health, not just your vision

Many people don’t book an eye examination until the point that they feel their vision is changing. Our advice would be to get your eyes tested regularly, regardless of your vision. Your eyes can tell us a lot about other health conditions–many of which are unknown to you


At Purcell Opticians, our mission is to help our patients have healthy eyes so they can enjoy excellent vision.


More than just providing you with your most precious sense, your eyes are an important part of your overall health. Eye problems are not only to do with vision loss – they can cause irritation and discomfort and be a sign of a condition affecting your overall health. With a comprehensive eye examination, you can learn everything you need to know about the condition of your eyes. As well as managing any vision loss or eye problems, our optometrists will provide you with personalised advice on how best to take care of your eyes.

patient undergoing sight test at purcell opticians


In our eye examinations, we take plenty of time to assess your eye care needs and ensure that you get testing that’s right for you. Each exam involves a test of your eyesight at different distances and a calculation or update of your prescription if necessary. The health of your eyes will also be assessed and the optometrist will look for signs of conditions that may be affecting your eyes. You will be asked some questions about your current health, family history of eye conditions and medication. This helps your optometrist to provide you with testing and care that is appropriate for you.


Like many health problems, eye conditions are more easily treated when diagnosed early on. With Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT), our optometrists can look at the internal structure of the eye. This non-invasive procedure is used to spot abnormalities that could eventually lead to serious eye problems. OCT scans can be used for the early diagnosis of glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and most commonly macular degeneration. If you are over 60, at a greater risk of any of these conditions or are experiencing symptoms, we recommend the enhanced examination to get complete peace of mind about your eye health.

carrying out eye test for kids
Children eyecare



Most children won’t experience vision loss, but for those who do a free and simple eye test could make a huge difference for their future. Children will often not notice when they have a problem with their eyes, which can lead to them struggling in school unnecessarily. Minor vision loss and eye conditions can be managed effectively and easily for children of all ages, ensuring that they can get the most out of their education.


Our testing facilities are designed to work for everyone no matter their age or reading level. Free eye tests are available to everyone in Scotland and we make sure each one is thorough and effective.

Children have so much to learn and experience that we consider their eye care to be especially important. Vision loss and eye conditions often appear in childhood so children need to have regular eye examinations to ensure any problems can be taken care of early on. While most children have excellent eyesight, even small problems can make a big difference in their development. For children who do need vision correction, we work hard to ensure they get a solution that’s right for them.

collection of children glasses


Our expertise in children’s eye care includes stocking an amazing range of glasses for kids. We understand that children can be picky so providing glasses that they enjoy wearing is important not only for their comfort but for their eye health as well.


When it comes to stylish frames, children need not miss out. Our selection includes many different designs and colours, so kids can express themselves through their choice of glasses.

Contact lenses


Contact lenses are a thin lens placed directly on the surface of the eye. They are worn by 150 million people worldwide, mainly for vision correction but also for cosmetic and therapeutic reasons. Broadly speaking, they are suitable for anyone. Vision correction is no longer a limiting factor. Regardless of whether you are long or short sighted, or even have astigmatism, almost everyone who needs eyesight correction can now wear contact lenses. There are also multifocal options for those who need different lens powers for distance and close work or only have reading glasses.

customer holding contact lens on finger top


People have many different prescriptions, eye types and routines and ensuring that everyone gets the right contact lenses for them requires some expertise. During your contact lens assessment, an optometrist will examine your eyes to confirm you can safely wear lenses and gather all the information they need to provide you with the right ones. We leave plenty of time for each appointment, so your optometrist can get to know you and help you find a contact lens solution that suits your lifestyle.


Contact lenses are now more comfortable, easy to apply and remove, and better for your eyes. We stock a wide range of contact lenses so people with different prescriptions and routines can find something that works for them. Soft contact lenses are easy to use and comfortable right from the beginning, making them a popular choice. They can be used as daily or monthly disposables. Gas permeable and varifocal lenses are also available and may be recommended depending on your eye type and prescription. Whatever your lifestyle requirements, we will pay close attention to make sure you get the right lenses.


Daily disposable contact lenses are the healthiest lens for your eyes and with no solution and no cleaning comes no hassle. Simply put in a new lens each day and recycle the worn and used lens–it couldn't be easier! Dailies are also a great choice for those who are prone to allergies as they avoid day-to-day build-up of dust, pollen and other irritants. They also allow great flexibility with wearing patterns and are ideal for sport and those who love the outdoors.


Monthly contact lenses are a popular choice among patients that want to wear lenses full-time. Monthly disposable contact lenses allow significantly more oxygen into the eye, making them more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. They are worn daily and removed each night for up to one month. Monthly lenses are often more cost effective for full-time wearers, but the nightly cleaning can be seen as more inconvenient by some individuals.


Twice monthly contact lenses can be worn for up to two weeks. They are removed every night so they can be cleaned, and they are also much more cost effective than daily disposables if you wear your lenses frequently as you won’t need to open a new set every day. Our most popular twice monthly lens is AcuveOasys by Johnson and Johnson, and it is considered one of the most comfortable fitting lenses available due to the high levels of Oxygen that reach the eye.


One of the most recent developments in Contact Lenses is the introduction of Daily Multifocal Contact Lenses. These lenses, also known as Varifocal Lenses, allow for distance, intermediate and reading correction all within one lens. This means that no additional pairs of spectacles are required, for example, reading glasses over a pair of distance contact lenses. As we age gracefully, our eyes find it more difficult to focus on objects close. This is called Presbyopia and means that we’ll start to need different prescriptions for different lifestyle activities.


We've all seen spectacle lenses that change in colour depending on the light they are in–most known as Transitions. Well, now you can contact lenses that also react to the light, enabling you to squint less, and see more! This lens is produced by leading manufacturer Johnson & Johnson and seamlessly changes from clear to dark to reduce the impact of light on your eyes. It also provides the highest levels of UV Protection and blue light filter.


Near-sightedness, also known as myopia, is when you can see objects near to you clearly, but objects farther away are blurry. Myopia can start at a young age and therefore at Purcell's, we are one of the few providers of MiSight Contact Lenses (each optician must be trained and approved) by Cooper Vision which is a pioneering contact lens which clinical studies demonstrate, slows the progression of myopia in children. Slowing this progression in turn reduces the likelihood of conditions such as Glaucoma and retinal detachments later in life.

contact lens aftercare


Coming in for aftercare appointments and following the simple instructions for contact lens use will help to keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear. With aftercare we can help you make the most of your contact lenses by staying up-to-date with your prescription, monitoring the health of your eyes and letting you know about new information that could be helpful for you.

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