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As your local and independent opticians, we aim to bring you the best advanced eye care and examinations. We will always go further than checking your prescription, looking comprehensively at your eyes to ensure they are in good health. All eye tests are carried out by qualified practitioners using the latest technology so all of our patients can rest assured that any problems with their eyes will be diagnosed and taken care of.


All eye examinations are free for everyone in Scotland so get in touch today and give your eyes the attention they deserve.

Optician carrying out a sight test


Our expertise is in the delivery of the most comprehensive and personal eye care available to you as an individual. When you book an eye test with us, you can expect a service that is different to many other providers and one that will provide a reassuringly accurate assessment of your vision.

So What Makes Us Different?

Longer appointments
You won’t be rushed in and back out of our test room within 20 minutes and you won’t have anyone other than one of our Optometrist test any element of your vision.

Be cared for by the same Optician time and again! At Purcells we believe an important part of our eye examination is to get to know you, your eyes and your lifestyle. This is impossible if you see a different Optician every time you attend and so we ensure that our team are invested in our culture, that you are respected and valued, meaning that you can expect to see that same Optician on every visit.

Relax, unwind and feel at home:

Our practice is designed to ensure a welcoming and friendly environment but not only this, you’re made to feel at home and where you can escape the busyness of day-to-day life.

It is about your overall eye health, not just your vision:

Many people don’t book an eye examination until the point that they feel their vision is changing. Our advice would be to get your eyes tested regularly, regardless of your vision. Your eyes can tell us a lot about other health conditions–many of which are unknown to you


At Purcell Opticians, our mission is to help our patients have healthy eyes so they can enjoy excellent vision.


More than just providing you with your most precious sense, your eyes are an important part of your overall health. Eye problems are not only to do with vision loss – they can cause irritation and discomfort and be a sign of a condition affecting your overall health. With a comprehensive eye examination, you can learn everything you need to know about the condition of your eyes. As well as managing any vision loss or eye problems, our optometrists will provide you with personalised advice on how best to take care of your eyes.

Optician testing eyes of patient


In our eye examinations, we take plenty of time to assess your eye care needs and ensure that you get testing that’s right for you. Each exam involves a test of your eyesight at different distances and a calculation or update of your prescription if necessary. The health of your eyes will also be assessed and the optometrist will look for signs of conditions that may be affecting your eyes. You will be asked some questions about your current health, family history of eye conditions and medication. This helps your optometrist to provide you with testing and care that is appropriate for you.


Like many health problems, eye conditions are more easily treated when diagnosed early on. With Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT), our optometrists can look at the internal structure of the eye. This non-invasive procedure is used to spot abnormalities that could eventually lead to serious eye problems. OCT scans can be used for the early diagnosis of glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and most commonly macular degeneration. If you are over 60, at a greater risk of any of these conditions or are experiencing symptoms, we recommend the enhanced examination to get complete peace of mind about your eye health.

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